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Knowledge Dissemination of a Qualitative Study in Perinatal and Trauma Informed Care : Caring for Trauma Impacted Women the “Wright Way” Pirie, Alaina Elizabeth


The objective of this review is to examine the current literature relating to the topic of trauma informed care in the perinatal setting. The literature was critically appraised and themes were identified. The findings may be applied to implications for practice for the nurse practitioner and other providers of perinatal care. Knowledge gaps have been identified as well as future research recommendations. The current literature indicates the following necessary requirements for applying a trauma informed approach to the perinatal setting; acknowledgment of the prevalence of trauma and its effects, the integrated expansion of women’s services and involvement of women in program development, implementation and evaluation. Trauma informed care has recently emerged as framework in the perinatal setting. It may provide positive outcomes for clients as well as providers with the goal of improving health outcomes for trauma impacted women and their families. There are many knowledge gaps of trauma informed care in the perinatal setting in addition to the lack of training available to perinatal providers. Providing trauma informed care in the perinatal setting may change the way providers see and work with their clients and improve health outcomes. The outcome of this literature review is to identify the current state of knowledge in the field of trauma informed care, women and its application in the perinatal setting. Lastly, an article for publication will be written for a target audience of perinatal care providers offering practical methods on how to apply the trauma informed framework in the perinatal setting.

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