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The OASIS : Development of a Simplified Questionnaire for Patients with Overactive Bladder Rooney, Shannon Kathleen Curling


Overactive bladder (OAB) refers to a complex of symptoms characterized by urgency, frequency, and nocturia, with or without urge incontinence (Ellsworth, 2013a; Heesakkers, 2015). The prevalence of OAB increases with age, and primary care practitioners can expect to see patients with symptoms of OAB frequently in practice (Hou & Zimmern, 2015). This condition can negatively affect physical, sexual, psychological, domestic, and social aspects of patients’ lives, decreasing quality of life (Ellsworth, 2013a). Several questionnaires exist to evaluate OAB. However, no comprehensive questionnaire exists that evaluates patients’ responses to OAB treatment while also addressing medication side effects and lifestyle modifications. The purpose of this culminating project was to design a user-friendly, simplified, brief, patient-centered questionnaire that assesses the symptoms of OAB, quality of life concerns, and response to treatment, including medication side effects. Three separate literature reviews were completed to develop the Overactive-Bladder Assessment of Symptoms, Interventions, and Satisfaction (OASIS) questionnaire. The OASIS questionnaire was developed and adapted from pre-existing questionnaires, with the goal to have real-world application in the offices of busy healthcare clinicians, overall improving affected patients’ lives. It will be presented at the 2017 Graduate Students in Nursing Association student research symposium and distributed to Urologists and primary care practitioners for feedback on use in actual practice.

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