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Hospital to Home Transitional Care : Advanced Practice Nurses Impact on Cardiovascular Patient Outcomes Mailey, Melissa


The aim of this culminating project was to examine the available evidence on adults following an acute cardiac event (ACE) to determine whether transitional care provided by Advanced Practice Nurses (APN), namely Nurse Practitioners (NP), affects overall cardiovascular (CV) patient outcomes. An extensive literature review was undertaken by inputting a combination of keywords into the Web of Science and Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature databases. Critical examination of relevant primary studies revealed healthcare resource utilization and mortality, subjective patient outcomes, and financial analysis, as major outcomes evaluated. The main findings of these studies suggested that APN transitional care from hospital to home could improve healthcare resource utilization and mortality, subjective patient outcomes, and healthcare costs within the adult CV population. After reviewing the existing literature, a project charter was created based on the identified research needs in this area of inquiry. This charter was directed towards urban western Canadian Heart Centers to determine the most effective duration of NP transitional care following an acute cardiac event (ACE) to decrease time to first re-hospitalization, re-hospitalization rates, and mortality, as well as explore CV patients experiences of NP transitional care, CV disease, comprehension of their diagnosis and future outcomes, and thoughts regarding management plans. Further research is necessary to ensure optimal transitional care and long-term outcomes for CV patients and healthcare systems, and to identify how the NP transitional care role impacts patients’ CV experience following an ACE.

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