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Menopause: health information for rural women Hood, Kirsten


Menopause is part of a woman’s natural aging process; it is a transitional period that affects women across Canada with no regard for rural or urban living location. The purpose of this literature review was to provide insight into the specific health needs of rural women, explore the period of menopause, and address health literacy and knowledge translation needs within the rural midlife women population. It was found that access to reliable and accurate menopause educational materials can be challenging for many women who live rurally. By providing access to trusted educational materials and resource people the feelings of fear, confusion, and misinformation can be addressed and diminished. Nurse Practitioners (NPs) have the knowledge, skills and scope to aid women through this transitional time. Health literacy is complex and requires specific attention when providing health educational teaching. The literature recommended the production of a community specific educational pamphlet for this population group. A pamphlet was subsequently created after consultation and review from a sample group of midlife rural women.

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