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Strategies to Integrate Health Equity into a Canadian NP Program Ames, Amanda


Healthcare is a known determinant of health. Inequitable health care is detrimental to people’s health and perpetuates a gradient of health status. Despite decades of governmental and organizational commitments to equity, the social gradient of health persists. Provision of equity oriented healthcare can result in improved health while reducing the social gradient of health. Novice Nurse Practitioners need to understand and incorporate equity-informed care to facilitate optimal health of individuals and the population. Provision of equitable healthcare requires knowledge and skills grounded in social justice and the provision of equity-oriented care. A brief appraisal of University of British Columbia’s second year Nurse Practitioner graduate students (n=15) highlighted an educational need for equity-oriented care. Health sectors and educational institutes are accountable to support preparedness of novice NPs. Current models of education and health sector practices do not optimize the provision of equity-oriented care. Curricula changes are necessary to promote proficient provision of equity-oriented care.

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