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Stigma Associated with Mental Health : A Concept Analysis Colter, Lorretta M.


Timely access to mental health care is vital to people who are experiencing mental health concerns. However, mental health stigma often interferes with obtaining help. Therefore, an important step in improving access to mental health care is to better understand mental health stigma. Within the literature, there are gaps in knowledge, particularly pertaining to the complexities of mental health stigma. Moreover, the concept of stigma has evolved in the past 50 years, as have Canadian lifestyles. It is important to understand these evolutionary changes to address the issue of inadequate mental health care related to mental health stigma. Using Rodgers’ Evolutionary Model (Rodgers & Knafl, 2000), a concept analysis was conducted to better understand mental health stigma. This analysis provides a better understanding of the concept and a foundation for further research needed in the areas of education, policy and clinical practice.

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