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Reporting findings on team functioning to primary health care practices in British Columbia, Ontario, and Nova Scotia Sahota, Simran K.


Team climate is a measure of health care performance. An evaluation of team climate can provide important insights into a team’s strengths and weaknesses and can help primary health care providers identify areas for improvement that can contribute to better organizational outcomes. It is measured using a team climate inventory (TCI) in primary health care practices around the globe; however, there is no work done in Canada as to whether TCI findings have been reported back to practices as audit and feedback and whether this information is useful for improving clinical performance. The purpose of this project is to determine how findings from a TCI can be reported in a practice-based performance portrait to primary health care providers and assess whether they perceive it to be easy to use and useful in improving their team climate and clinical performance. The template for the team climate section of the portrait was developed using best practices for audit and feedback and visual analytics. Feedback on the template was obtained from key stakeholders, primarily family physicians (FPs), in the Fraser East region using a short survey on perceived ease of use and usefulness. FPs who participated in this project generally agreed that the template was easy to use and provided useful information that could help them facilitate change in their practice for the purpose of improving their clinical performance. Participants identified that the information promoted self-reflection as it helped identify areas for improvement and was relevant and actionable. However, they identified that the information would be more useful if a list of easily accessible and relevant actionable items and resources for implementing change were provided. Participants also emphasized that peer comparisons would add to the usefulness of the portrait. Although the perceived ease of use and usefulness of the team climate section of the practice-based portrait were evaluated in this project, further work is required to evaluate the actual usefulness of the reported data and the implications it has on practice and patient outcomes.

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