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Supporting reading comprehension in elementary classrooms through process drama Ng, J. Y.


The focus of this graduating paper is on the use of process drama and the many benefits the strategy has in the elementary classroom. The first part of this study explores some of the recent literature about process drama. Specifically, I take a close look at the writings of Booth (1985), Fels & Belliveau (2008), Heathcote (1969), Neelands & Goode (2008), and 0 ' Neill (1995) among others. The second part of my paper suggests ways in which process drama can be used in the classroom to support student learning (more specifically reading). In this section I provide sample activities and strategies that are illustrated with specific picture books: The Cello of Mr. 0 (Cutler, 1999), The Bomb and The General (Eco, 1989), Rose Blanche (Innocenti, 1985), and The Composition (Skarmeta, 1998). There are also quick references provided for the activities detailed in the paper for teacher/facilitator use, as well as assessment suggestions.

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