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Client Feedback to Nursing Students as a Teaching Tool in Mental Health Placements Miehling, Alicia


This paper utilized an integrative literature review methodology to explore the use of client feedback to nursing students as a teaching tool within mental health clinical placements. The primary question guiding this review was: How has client-provided feedback been integrated and utilized for nursing students in mental health clinical education? Despite the limited research completed in this area, this review illuminates what is currently understood. Ten articles were selected and reviewed, as guided by the main research question and four sub-questions. The findings of the review revealed that client provided feedback supports the concept of client-centered care, and also works to counteract the power imbalances that are present within the health care system. Client participation can take many forms, ranging from feedback in a simulation setting, to not only giving feedback, but being a key part of developing feedback tools and evaluating the process overall. The set up of the feedback relationships is an important consideration, particularly the provision of support and education for all participants to prepare them for their role in giving or receiving it. The primary stakeholders for this research were clients, students and clinical instructors. The potential impact of client feedback is broad; however, the core purpose for seeking it is to increase the empathy for, and understanding of, the clients we work with, while also providing learning opportunities for students, which will enhance the connections and care provided. Several important recommendations were identified within this review, which are of value to consider in future exploration of this topic.

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