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The Use Of Social Media For Health In Low And Middle-Income Countries : A Scoping Review Hagg, Emily


Background: Social media allows for instant access to, and dissemination of, information around the globe. Access to social media in low and middle-income countries has increased exponentially in recent years due to technological advances. In high-income countries such as the United States, social media is used extensively for health-related purposes, and there is a large body of literature on its use. Within low and middle-income countries, however, research has only just begun to emerge on the use of social media for health. Objective: To identify, explore and summarize the current state of the literature on the use of social media for health in low and middle-income countries. Methods: A scoping review was conducted on literature available to the end of January 2016. Five databases were searched, and grey literature was identified through the Google and Google Scholar search engines. Literature was considered for inclusion if it (1) was published in English, (2) was conducted in or in relation to a low or middle-income country, (3) reported on as least one type of social media or social media use generally, and (4) reported on at least one aspect of human health.

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