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Polycystic ovary syndrome in adults : a literature review and clinical practice guideline for the primary care nurse practitioner Meidinger, Lindsey


Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a complex, multifaceted syndrome with multiple health implications and long-term health risks (Fauser et al., 2012). Women with PCOS require management and guidance from their primary care NP in collaboration with multiple specialists. The heterogeneity of the syndrome makes diagnosis, symptomatic treatment, and long-term management complex and individualized (Fauser et al., 2012). Long-term complications of PCOS include increased risk for insulin resistance (IR), cardiovascular disease (CVD), endometrial cancer, obesity, depression and anxiety, infertility, and various dermatological manifestations (Fauser et al., 2012). Nurse Practitioners (NP) are in a unique position, as primary care providers, to co-manage these women with various specialists. Currently in Canada, however, there are no primary care guidelines for the diagnosis and management of PCOS. This literature review was developed for the purpose of finding supporting evidence for the creation of a clinical practice guideline to assist NPs in the diagnosis and long-term management of adult women with PCOS.

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