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Part 3 Section 7 : boil water advisory protocol (BWAP) Grover, Renuka; Copes, Ray; Mavinic, Don; Teschke, Kay


Boil water advisories (BWAs) are public notifications of drinking water qual- ity and are used as temporary, precautionary measures to protect the public from possible waterborne illnesses. In many Canadian jurisdictions, BWAs have been in place for months to years, leading to the concern that their use can be a substitute to the action needed for their removal. With lengthy or on-again-off-again BWAs, there is concern that the public will become com- placent and not comply with the BWA. Research on BWAs is scarce, and little evidence is available to support practical decision-making by the two groups of key players responsible for BWA management – government regulatory of- ficials and water suppliers.Part III of this Guidance Document focuses on managing risks to water secu- rity. The purpose of this protocol is to guide the overall management of boil water advisories, by acting as an information resource and by introducing a basis for consistency. It includes steps to take and factors to consider taking into account when deciding to issue and rescind boil water advisories.

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