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Transportation network companies and the ridesourcing industry : a review of impacts and emerging regulatory frameworks for Uber Ngo, Victor D.


New technological innovations in the passenger transportation industry in the form of “ridesourcing services” (colloquially known as “ridesharing”) are disrupting and transforming the taxi industry. The legality of these new ridesourcing services has been challenged by jurisdictions across the world. Governments have begun reform of existing vehicle for hire regulations, creating a new “transportation network companies” regulatory category for ridesourcing services. Commissioned by the CIty of Vancouver, this study has five research objectives: 1) review existing research and literature on ridesourcing; 2) review the impacts of ridesourcing, particularly on the taxi industry; 3) review the legislative and regulatory responses to ridesourcing; 4) identify potential regulatory frameworks for the City to consider; and 5) provide strategic recommendations and considerations for the City in developing a regulatory framework. The study provides a comprehensive foundation to inform future work on vehicle for hire regulations in the City of Vancouver.

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