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Marine Drive Station Area : Incremental Visions of a Neighbourhood's Future University of British Columbia. School of Community and Regional Planning


The work summarized in this book was undertaken for a course at the School of Community and Regional Planning at UBC. The course was entitled Theory and Methods of Urban Design and it covered the fundamentals of urban design by inviting students to apply theory to neighbourhood design. The course surveyed major historical and contemporary trends in urban design theory and practice, and introduced contemporary theories on the future forces affecting the development and functioning of urban regions. Students discussed cities at multiple scales and applied their evolving understanding to neighbourhood scale development in the Marine Drive Station Area in Marpole, Vancouver. This book presents the weekly progression of designs with summaries of the design interventions and critiques. The final outcome represents weeks of deliberation, discussion, and incremental growth towards a neighbourhood that is responsive to the anticipated challenges of climate change, peak oil, increased and aging population, and the need for complete healthy walkable communities.

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