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Peer Assessment in the Team-Based Learning Classroom Strumpel, Charlene


Although peer assessment (PA) is purported to be an essential element of Team Based Learning (TBL), there is little evidence to indicate the most effective method of PA in this context. This literature review was undertaken to examine the research relating to PA of individual students’ contributions to group work. As such, this literature review might prove useful and informative for educators using PA in a variety of contexts, including problem-based learning, case-based learning, or group projects. A total of 45 research articles describing both qualitative and quantitative studies were examined. These articles were examined to investigate the potential benefits or drawbacks of PA; the validity and reliability of PA; what PA process and instrument constitute best practice; and the method that is most appropriate to use when calculating a student’s grade from a PA score. Each of these issues was examined and, where possible, evidence and recommendations from the literature were presented. In addition to describing many of the factors that teachers should consider prior to implementing PA in a university course, this literature review also revealed many gaps in knowledge and potential avenues for research into PA.

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