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Developing a process-oriented writing program that promotes elementary school children's motivation as writers : a teacher's pedagogical journey Miller, Kevin Michael Eamon


The focus of this paper is to describe the ongoing evolution of an elementary school teacher's process-oriented approach to the teaching of writing and the new support structures recently put in place within the teacher's writing program in order to promote his students motivation to write. Research literature on the historical context of the process approach to writing instruction is reviewed, as is research exploring the links between motivation - and its constituent elements, interest, self-efficacy beliefs, and self-regulation - and writing. Next, the author's impetus for changing his approach to teaching writing is discussed. Lastly, the author offers reflections on the connections between these support structures and the positive effects they may (or may not) have had on his students' experiences with writing. These support structures were introduced in the following areas : the day-to-day environment of the writing program ; the overall teaching framework chosen to deliver the author's writing program ; peer response groups ; and types of writing assignments. The paper concludes with the author's reflections on the successes he has recently observed as a writing teacher, and a brief discussion of possible directions to be taken in the writing classroom in the future.

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