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The changing role of the teacher-librarian in the 21st century and an investigation of information literacy instruction practices in schools Hunger, S. A.


This paper examines the changing role of the teacher-librarian in the 21st century, and what focus the role is taking today. This paper also seeks to determine which information literacy skills teacher-librarians instruct in elementary and secondary schools and which techniques are successful for teaching these skills to students. The research shows that researchers are currently divided into four groups regarding what focus the role of the teacher-librarian should take. These groups emphasize the roles of leader. a promoter of a love of reading and lifelong learning, information literacy specialist, and guide. The literature also reveals that teacher-librarians instruct an extensive list of information literacy skills in schools. These skills fall into one of more of six main categories. To demonstrate a link between the research and my practice, I created a teaching unit that integrates science with the development of information literacy skills. The curriculum addresses many of the required Grade 7 student learning outcomes for information literacy.The traditional role of the teacher-librarian is evolving in the 21st century and he or she must adapt to the changing needs of the patrons in order to provide valuable services to them. Today's teacher-librarian needs to be an information and resource manager, a multimedia specialist, and an instructor of information literacy skills.

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