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The classroom writing centre : how and why teachers should implement a classroom writing centre Scott, Sarah


The purpose of this paper is to examine the theory and research surrounding classroom writing centres and to provide suggestions as to how primary teachers can develop classroom writing centres that provide opportunities to enhance early literacy development. This paper looks at the importance of time management, physical space materials and the provision of authentic literacy experiences when designing a classroom writing centre using a workshop approach. A review of the literature includes a look at emergent literacy perspectives and impact that emergent literacy study has had on literacy practices in the classroom and the ways in which writing, drawing and talking are intrinsically linked in literacy instruction. The literature further considers the role that the writing process and studies surrounding this topic have impacted current literacy instruction practices and the literacy development of young children. In order to connect theory to practice, I have prepared a workshop for teachers at my school that highlights the importance of including a writing centre in the classroom, the theory this idea and the success that I personally have had with the writing centre. The paper concludes with implications for early primary teachers looking to enhance their classroom writing programs.

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