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The effect of front-loading mathematical vocabulary prior to teaching a unit on transformation geometry Rockel, Hallie


It has been my personal observation that students are more comfortable with solving mathematical problems when only numbers are involved. However, to be mathematically literate, a student must also understand the unique and sometimes confusing vocabulary of mathematics. This paper addresses the definition of mathematical literacy, the importance of being mathematically literate, and how students can become mathematically literate. After reviewing the research, I decided to implement the strategy of front-loading vocabulary prior to teaching the concept of transformation geometry in an effort to find out, to what extent does pre-teaching of math vocabulary impact students' ability to grasp an understanding of a math concept. The end of the unit assessment indicated that many of the students met the prescribed learning outcomes for transformation geometry as they were able to communicate their understanding using appropriate mathematical vocabulary. It is my belief that the strategy of front-loading vocabulary is an effective strategy that can help students acquire mathematical literacy.

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