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Journal for the 21st century : personal growth through storytelling MacMillan, Sita-Rani


As I progress on my life journey there are several days when my inner turmoil rises from deep within and it must be dealt with. I began to write as a way of coping with some of the many issues that had been held within my mind. This paper looks at what literature has to say about the ways in which writing within a journal can lead towards personal growth. Also, the role a journal has in an individual's journey towards personal growth. I look at my journey in journal writing from a narrative inquiry perspective. I chose to write and review my stories, and uses of the journal on my journey towards personal growth. I wanted to calm the inner confusion that would often take a firm grasp during times of stress and anxiety. As I began down my path of graduate studies I kept a journal to help me cope with the many challenges that I would encounter. It is through looking at my personal experiences that I was able to find my holistic self. As a educator, and student, I believe it is best practice to integrate the medicine wheel teachings within all of my work. I looked at the importance of reconnecting myself to each aspect: physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual. Journaling creates a space where a person can perform however they wish; and share, or not, as much as they want about themselves. Utilizing certain methods can help bring about deep personal change. One of the most encouraging practices of journal writing is that one can use it to suit their own personal needs. This paper looks at a small amount of writing techniques that were most effective for my journal writing journey. Journal writing can become a close and personal ally as one works towards finding a connection to their whole self.

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