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Tracing the path of struggling intermediate readers Reeve, Kelly S.


This study investigated the potential factors that contribute to intermediate students' struggles with reading. Six participating students from a Grade five class were administered an IRA to determine their current reading levels as well as highlight area(s) of reading that each student struggled in. An interview protocol, formatted in three areas : attitude, home reading support and instructional environment, was conducted for the participants of the study. Three descriptive case studies were examined outlining a variety of possible contributing factors for their struggles in reading. The common potential factor for all three cases was the lack of strong literacy home support. A second likely factor amongst two of the participants was not enough time devoted to reading on a daily basis. The inability to read outside of school by the participants could be indicative of the type of instructional environment that they were exposed to in school. The implications of the study make aware the need for educators to look at the kind of reading environment established in their classrooms. It was also determined that there is a need for a more collaborative partnership between home and school in regards to intermediate students and their reading achievement.

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