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In school and out : a closer look at new literacies Lindquist, Teri M.


Educational literacy has traditionally been viewed as the development of students' basic reading and writing skills. As such, our education system and evaluation system have been developed around this definition of literacy. However, an increasing number of individuals are suggesting that other "out-of-school" or "new" literacies hold value and need to be integrated into our education system rather than continuing to be ignored. A review of the research on traditional and new literacies reveals themes of social practice, mindsets, identity, agency and authentic learning. Specifically, this review examines three key questions: What does it mean to be literate? Why do new literacies challenge the conventional school systems? Are non-traditional literacies important to the development of in school literacies and student learning? Drawing on the literature, the author provides a discussion and understanding of the importance of integrating new literacies with traditional literacies in order to help students become "fully literate".

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