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Le Pharaon est Mort : creating a graphic novel for grade seven French immersion social studies and French language arts Cormack, Mark Charles


Due to the difference between the language ability and cognitive level of most Grade seven French immersion students and the availability of language level appropriate material, many students experience difficulty in social studies and do not fully benefit from their experience. Le pharaon est mort (Cormack & Lindberg, in progress) is a cross-curricular resource based on a graphic novel set in ancient Egypt. This graphic novel format offers the reader visual support to the text, develops visual and multimodal literacy skills and contextualises historical elements by presenting them as part of a visual story. The format can also encourage interest which, in turn, promotes comprehension and interest in further reading. The accompanying lessons help teach students how to read graphic novels and encourage interaction with the visual, textual and historic elements of the graphic novel. Le pharaon est mort offers an interesting, accessible supplement to the ancient civilisation element of the Grade seven social studies curriculum.

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