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A systematic approach to writing in primary French immersion classroom Buchanan, Nicole Cherie


Writing is a fundamental aspect throughout one's life. This paper explores the use of Culham's (2003) 6+1 Writing Traits" in a Grade 2 and 3 French immersion classroom and investigates its effects on the teacher's creative writing program. The focus of the unit is the chapter on "Les idées" from Ma trousse d'écriture(Spandel, 2007), the French version of the 6+1 Writing Traits. Background information about the context is provided and the teacher's previous experience in the classroom is discussed, including strategies used and difficulties that arose when teaching emergent writers. A review of the research literature highlights the importance of explicitly teaching writing to emergent writers and the benefits of using a writing program, such as 6+1 Writing Traits. It further examines how to motivate emergent writers, the positive aspects of self-evaluation and the application of different writing strategies. Following a brief description of the classroom environment and an explanation about the process of the writing unit, the evaluation method is outlined as well as a breakdown of the four concepts taught from "Les idées". The discussion section presents some reflections regarding the successes and plans for each concept taught as well as the overall outcomes of the unit and considerations for the future.

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