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Co-creating a pedagogical support document to support meaningful curriculum and enhanced quality Lytwyn, Monica L.P.


Although Early Learning Frameworks have recently been published by the provincial government in Manitoba, Canada, varied quality still exists in child care centres in this province. This project investigates the potential of a Pedagogical Support Document to enhance quality in Manitoba’s Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC), as a follow up to the Early Learning Frameworks, by way of further supporting early childhood educators’ pedagogical practice. I argue that a Pedagogical Support Document can contribute to ELCC quality and I make suggestions for its content and dissemination. More specifically, I recommend that the content of a Pedagogical Support Document include broad principles that afford professional judgment and interpretation, based on observation and documentation strategies. In addition, I suggest that a Pedagogical Support Document be conceptualized as a living document that is co-created by policy makers and early childhood educators over time. This approach allows ELCC programs to develop contextually relevant curriculum with locally constructed outcomes for children. Finally, I recommend that ongoing professional development related to the Pedagogical Support Document is necessary in order to make meaningful and sustainable policy and practice connections in Manitoba.

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