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Mycobacterium tuberculosis Promotes Anti-Apoptotic Activity of the Macrophage by PtpA-Dependent Dephosphorylation of Host GSK3α Poirier, Valérie; Bach, Horacio; Av-Gay, Yossef


Mycobacterium tuberculosis tyrosine phosphatase PtpA inhibits two key cellular events in macrophages required for the elimination of invading organisms; phagosome acidification and maturation. Kinome analysis revealed multiple PtpA-dependent changes to the phosphorylation status of macrophage proteins upon M. tuberculosis infection. Among those, we show that PtpA dephosphorylates GSK3α on amino acid Y279, which leads to modulation of GSK3α anti-apoptotic activity, promoting pathogen survival early during infection.

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