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Perceptions of Safety in UBC Campus Public Spaces: The Case of the University Neighbourhoods Association Ngo, Victor D.; Lefrançois, Camille B.; Keating, Jeremy; Fineblit, Emma; Herod, Megan; De Sousa, Steven; Diamond, Grant; Fox, Eric; Kohlhardt, Regan; Mill, Sian; Olajide, Alex Oladapo; Pritchard, Jamie; Wong, Bryan; James, Ryanne


This study examines University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) residents' perception of safety of campus public spaces at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Point Grey Campus. A series of sexual assaults were reported at UBC in 2013, which prompted a number of responses from the university. Both the series of sexual assaults and UBC’s responses to the events have generated campus-wide conversations regarding the complexities and challenges of campus safety for students, faculty, and staff. However, perceptions of safety from the perspective of long-term, permanent residents at UBC are not well examined. This study addresses the research gap by using a community safety audit to understand UNA residents’ perceptions of safety of campus public spaces and how these perceptions are influenced by built and natural environment characteristics. Several recommendations are made to the UNA, UBC campus planning staff, and UBC regarding lighting, traffic, transportation, wayfinding, community connections, campus blue phones, CPTED, and safety messaging.

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