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The Development of Non-technical skills in Simulated Learning Environments Casiro, Naomi; Chernomez, Kait; Watson, Kari; Bates, Coral; Klimstra, Felicity


Simulation training may be helpful for the development of ‘non-technical skills’ (NTS) in health care education. NTS are the cognitive and social skills that complement health care worker’s technical skills. Research has shown a need for NTS training in health education, but many areas of medical practice have yet to embrace this training. The rational for including NTS in health care education is based on improving patient safety, meeting medical education core competencies, and gaining the necessary team skills for entry level practice in a medical team environment. In a simulation intervention the learner is required to respond as they would under real-life circumstances.The application of simulation in health care education has traditionally emphasized and continues to focus on the development of technical skill. In this rapidly changing field there is a need for a current and comprehensive review of NTS. MPT Systematic Reviews and Research Projects.

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