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The Effective Use of Course Management Systems to Enhance Learning in the Secondary School Classroom DeAbreu, Robert


This paper asks what key elements need to be present in a course management system (CMS) to promote student engagement. It is true that CMSs allow for the effective administration of courses and, in this way, help to streamline this process for the teacher. But can a system that is designed for management have unintended negative consequences for learning? When considering the implementation of any technology in one’s classroom, teachers need to carefully think of the ways they use this technology as a tool to achieve learning goals, and not to use the technology simply for its own sake. CMSs can have a positive effect on a classroom as they have the potential to help a teacher encourage student interaction in a safe environment, and to free up teacher time by automating administrative matters. This paper evaluates the characteristics of a CMS that one should seek to use in order to enhance learning in their classroom.

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