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The creation of a global education program Carlyle, Michael Joseph


I believe a “global consciousness” is the core principle in being a global citizen. A global citizen is one who takes on the responsibilities of being a citizen in an international context. A “global consciousness” is defined as “the capacity and the inclination to place our self and the people, objects, and situations with which we come into contact with, into the broader matrix of the world” (Gardner and Mansilla, in M. Suarez-Orzco, 2007) This concept can also be described as being cognizant of the impact of ones’ actions on the various communities around the world. The purpose of a global education program aimed at developing a “global consciousness” is discussed within this paper. This paper begins by explaining the purpose of a global education program followed by the concept of a “global consciousness”. The relevance of a global education program is examined through a discussion of current literature about the rationale of such programs. The literature review focuses on global education pedagogy and barriers that exist. A proposed global education curriculum aimed at high school students is then introduced with the goal of school district approval and subsequent implementation. This paper concludes with a discussion that will address how this global education program will help students achieve a “global consciousness” and how to overcome potential barriers.

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