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Analysis of Recruitment Strategies Used by Vancouver-based School Districts in Attracting Chinese Students in Their International Secondary-School Programs Zhao, Qinghua


The main purpose of this research project is to develop a comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of the recruitment strategies used by some Vancouver-based school districts in terms of their impacts on Chinese students’ choice of high schools, and enrollment decisions from the perspective of administrators in charge of international departments. Data were collected from interviews with administrators from two Vancouver school districts and from on-line documents. Data were analyzed by using a pull-push model (Chen, 2006), which led to the formulation of recommendations for possible improvements for Vancouver-based School Districts with respect to effectiveness of promotional activities. The research findings reveal quality of Canadian education, inclusive Canadian environment, and Canada policy toward international students as pulling factors in attracting Chinese students. Specifically, proximity to China is an important factor in pulling Chinese students to Vancouver area from the perspective of administrators. In particular, the findings suggest that websites, agents, and seminars are effective promotional tools used by participating school districts in highlighting these pulling factors. The nature of the recommendations made to participating districts is to emphasize pull factors when conducting seminars or designing brochures and websites in attracting international students from China.

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