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Planting seeds : a journey of returning to holism within adult learning Kneeland, Dayna


This paper explores my process of integrating my spirituality and commitment towards living holistically within my practices of teaching, learning, and writing. The focus of this paper was inspired through a process of recognizing shifts in spiritual growth that were deeply impacting my educational experiences. These experiences moved me to explore the notions of holism and spirituality within adult learning through my personal understanding of awareness, acceptance, and interconnectivity with self, others, and the world. There is increasing awareness in the field of adult education surrounding the importance of addressing the spiritual domain and a holistic approach to learning. This paper examines diverse bodies of literature and explores holistic process as a means to contribute to these conversations. This research is rooted in the qualitative methodology of poetic inquiry. Through this paper, I reflect my story and learning process through the medium of concrete and visual poetry, utilizing shape, image, and metaphor as a means to deepen my understanding of a holistic approach to learning. In sharing my process of creating concrete and visual poems, or what I term “seed prayers”, I share my experiences of spiritual growth within the spheres of teaching, learning, and writing, and my journey of engaging in research as contemplative practice, holistic learning process, and an act of prayer.

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