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Was I an Oreo? My Lived Experiences in highschool : a critical race theory and LatCrit analysis Donoso, Rosana


In this paper I narrate my high school experience through the lens of a Critical Race and a LatCrit theoretical framework and methodology. The issue of race is dealt with through my own experience and provides a narrative to analyze, question, and understand what I experienced as a student of color in the American education system. The practices of “passing” as white and calling someone an “Oreo” are contextualized and analyzed through my own experiential knowledge and voice. Systemic racism in education is questioned through some of the tenets of Critical Race Theory and LatCrit, by utilizing my own story as the unit of analysis regarding school issues such as tracking and standardized testing. This is done with the goal of advancing the rights of students of color and resisting the pernicious oppression of systemic racism in education.

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