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What notions of education are embedded in the international baccalaureate and what are the considerations and consequences for educational leaders? Morfea, Peter Joseph


In this paper, notions of education are examined against the ideals and mission of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and its curriculum programmes. This paper considers the consequences for IB leaders in upholding these particular values. Leadership matters because principals influence a measureable, though indirect effect, on school success and student achievement through changing school-wide conditions like classroom practices and teacheer motivation. Adopting the perspective that educational and schooling leadership is necessary for IB World Schools to flourish, I will examine the importance of sustainable leadership; emotional intelligence; collaborative leadership and values-driven leadership. My main contention is that the IB mission and Learner Profile provides an IB notion of education, and for IB schools to be truly "educational" school leaders must mode these values and engage all stakeholders in a dialogue around them. Currently this is not happening in enough IB World Schools.

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