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Decolonizing and reclaiming Tsilhqotin identity through story-telling Alphonse, Grant Phillip


The purpose of this major paper is to create an instructional resource for teachers that will help encourage students to reclaim their Tsilhqotin/Chilcotin identity through stories in the Tsilhqotin/Chilcotin language. It is intended to help the teachers better understand their Tsilhqotin identity and become more aware of their surroundings, heritage and land base thus providing a greater opportunity for successful teaching especially in regard to meeting the needs of Tsilhqotin students. This resource allows the teacher to have a greater understanding of students and the territories that they are from and in doing so bring this knowledge and awareness into the classroom. A teacher who knows a bit about the background and is able to say a few words in the Tsilhqotin/Chilcotin language reflects an open-­‐minded and effective educator. The teacher provides a learning community with greater comfort and trust, which, ultimately will enhance student’s performance and promote a family oriented environment.

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