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Teachers’ perceptions of intra-school choice in secondary schools and its impact on professional interactions Martens, Sherrie


The purpose of this research study is to develop an understanding of the impact of educational policies that promote competition between subject area courses and how this internal organizational competition between departments and teachers for students potentially impacts the behaviour and professional interactions of secondary school teachers. This research will study how the perceptions of teachers regarding the pressure to be competitive, thereby attracting students, impacts their professional interactions with their colleagues on the continuum between collaboration and competition. The research will be conducted by using a case study approach in one secondary school located in the lower mainland in British Columbia. Specifically, the proposed research seeks to answer the following questions: • What are teachers’ perceptions regarding the school ethos in relation to the relative degree of collaboration and competition between departments and between teachers in secondary schools? What do teachers believe contributes to this ethos? • How does the pressure to attract students manifest itself within specific departments and between specific teachers in terms of interactions with colleagues along a continuum between collaboration and competition?

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