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Ecosystemic Urbanism at UBC Lasocha, Allison; Martin, Andrew; McConnel, Kristy; Murray, Meghan


The University of British Columbia (UBC) believes in sustainability as a necessity, as the ecological and human consequences of being unsustainable are devastating. Not only is it the right thing to do ethically and in terms of distributive justice, it is desirable in itself, offering the possibility of a better life for people and the planet (UBC, 2014). As part of UBC’s commitment to sustainability, a 20-year Sustainability Strategy was developed in consultation with the community including students, faculty, staff, campus residents, the University Neighbourhood Association (UNA), Musqueam First Nation, and external community partners. The strategy guides UBC’s efforts towards not only a more sustainable university but a more sustainable world. Since a 2015 workshop with Salvador Rueda of BCNecologia, UBC has been interested in how the organization’s theory, principles and evaluative framework can be applied on campus to support the pursuit of sustainability. Stadium Neighbourhood and the adjoining academic lands provide an opportunity to test this framework, known as Ecosystemic Urbanism, at UBC. This project aims to apply the theories and principles of the evaluative tool in the UBC context, while working to develop mixed-use design options for Stadium Neighbourhood. The work is the result of a collaboration between UBC Campus and Community Planning (C&CP), the UBC School of Community and Regional Planning (SCARP), and BCNecologia.

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