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Enhancing Organizational Capacity for Program Evaluation : The Case of the Neighbourhood Small Grants Program Camargo Camargo, Diana Carolina


Program evaluation offers opportunities to build organizational capacity and improve a program’s outcomes. Also, it directs stakeholders’ attention to the most important components of a program. Program evaluation is particularly useful for programs that are continuously adjusted because it provides an evidence base for decision-making. This is the case for Vancouver Foundation’s grassroots grant-making program, Neighbourhood Small Grants (NSG). Over the years, the evaluation of the NSG program has been very useful for finding “better ways to meet the needs of people, to be relevant, to be accessible. It [evaluation] is a perpetual evolution of trying to do it better”. Vancouver Foundation, in collaboration with the program’s stakeholders, designed a set of online evaluation surveys that have supplied valuable information over the years. However, the excessive length of these surveys presents a challenge for survey respondents and Vancouver Foundation’s staff. Additionally, a lack of distinction in the dimensions of some NSG goals could affect the evaluation process.

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