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Linking place of employment & health living : the impact of the built environment near workplaces on physical activity, body mass index & sedentary driving time Fox, Eric Herschel


In the face of increasing rates of chronic diseases among working adults, urban planners and public health professionals have investigated the extent to which transportation systems, land use patterns and urban design have contributed to sedentary lifestyles. Although many studies have explored the relationships between health and the built environment for neighbourhoods around residences, few have analyzed urban form near workplaces. One of the limitations of health studies on workplaces is that the focus has primarily been on internal building environments such as the presence of fitness facilities, rather than the built environment around the worksite. The place of employment is an important setting for assessing walk environments because of the large amount of time spent at work, the mode of transportation used for regular commuting, and travel around the workplace during and outside of work hours. Despite this relevance, a limited understanding exists about the built environment at worksites and its impact on health and physical activity.

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