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Agricultural Roads in Vancouver Castrejon Violante, Laura


Building on the efforts of reconnecting city dwellers with theirs food system, the agricultural road proposes to re-shape one of the City of Vancouver’s low-transit street into a vibrant multipurpose space for growing food. Agricultural road could be defined as a pedestrian-oriented area which shall offer room for the allocation of plots for urban agriculture while achieving a series of other sustainable urban development outcomes such as social inclusion, open public recreational space, greening the urban landscape, non motorized transportation infrastructure, community engagement, storm-water management, etc. In the task of reinventing the relationship between citizens and food a change of paradigm will be required. The agricultural road offers not only an actual space in which Vancouverites can grow edible plants, but more important it offers a place to discuss, to educate, to cultivate ideas that would lead to moving beyond current urban feeding paradigms towards a reconnection between urban life and one of the most important elements required to support it: food.

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