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The Potential of Regional Planning for the Centro de Investigacion Y Formacion Social (ITESO) De La Peña Domene, Marcela


This report results of the work done for the Centro de Investigación y Formación Social (CIFS) - University ITESO. The purpose of the master’s project is to recommend regional planning as an alternative approach for projects developed at CIFS in the South area of Jalisco. In order to do that this project is divided in three main sections. The first one presents a general overview of the academic research Centre as the client, with an emphasis on the organizational structure. The next section provides a description of the projects undertaken in the last four year at CIFS, an it describes the context of the projects implemented in the South area of Jalisco. Lastly, the third section points out some values of regional planning, as a progressive approach for the Centre’s practice. The report concludes by stating that for the most part CIFS had no vision of the region as a whole and how the issues interrelated. Thus it is necessary to identify opportunities and advise changes for the Centre’s practice. In addition, several recommendations are suggested in terms of looking at the projects through a regional perspective, as opposed of having single and unconnected initiatives. This study was undertaken because of the lost potential that results from the Centre developing single and unconnected projects, when there are many opportunities to gain from an integrated regional approach.

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