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AMS Lighter Footprint Strategy Doherty, Eric


In January 2007 the AMS approved an Environmental Sustainability Policy designed to make the AMS’s well-established environmental actions more effective and consistent. The Policy vision includes the responsibility the AMS has with respect to the current ecological crisis and strongly states our commitment to meeting this obligation: The AMS recognizes the ecological crisis humanity faces and the special responsibility universities, and university students, have in finding and implementing solutions. We acknowledge our obligations as global citizens and strive to create a sustainable and equitable future for all. The AMS will be a leader in reducing the university campus’ ecological footprint to sustainable levels and in fostering environmental justice in our own operations and through our relationships with the University community and the broader community. The AMS will be an engine for new ideas and innovation, and will be a model for the University and for other student organizations to follow. The purposes of the Strategy defined in the AMS Environmental Sustainability Policy include: • To guide the AMS’s work to areas where we can have the greatest effect. • To establish procedures for monitoring and reporting on progress. • To showcase the AMS’s leadership in order to distinguish the AMS and our businesses from the University as a whole.

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