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Thinking Outside the Big Box: A Vision for a Lougheed Town Centre Neighbourhood Natrasony, Shawn


The City of Burnaby continues to accommodate a significant amount of growth within a limited land base. The City’s long range plans call for an increasing amount of new development to be directed into four existing town centres of higher density. Lougheed Town Centre Mall is one site with increasing promise for intensification within Burnaby’s Lougheed Town Centre. This Masters Project undertakes the development of design guidelines with the aim of informing the future redevelopment of a successful suburban shopping mall into a mixed-use neighbourhood. It envisions transforming Lougheed Town Centre Mall from a mono-centric retail focus into a sustainable urban form that is more vibrant and attractive. It begins with a review of key literature within three themes: transit-oriented development, placemaking, and green infrastructure. Reference cases of mixed-use shopping mall redevelopment are investigated to illustrate precedents in the North American context. An urban analysis describes the existing context of the site. The project culminates with a set of design goals with strategies that serve as a framework to assist in re-envisoning Burnaby’s Lougheed Town Centre Mall as a true neighbourhood centre that contains a vibrant mix of uses, offers a unique sense of place and improved ecological functioning.

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