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The Rental Housing Supply Roundtable Rogers, Matthew


Similar to numerous other jurisdictions, in recent years Manitoba has experienced a serious shortage of rental units. This shortage is coupled with, and complicated by, rising rents. This report explores Manitoba's changing housing market through a market overview that considers trends in the province's economic, population, and housing environment. Further, a review of policy options found in the research literature is provided. These contextual factors define the situation in which the Rental Housing Supply Roundtable (Roundtable) was struck. In 2011, the Minister of Housing and Community Development invited various housing stakeholders to assemble for the creation of a consultative and collaborative roundtable to provide professional expertise and specialized knowledge relevant to the issue of developing rental housing in Manitoba. Through the representation of a wide spectrum of communities, population groups, and sectors, the roundtable operated under a principle of collective responsibility as it provided balanced advice and expertise.

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