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Large-Scale Multi-Phase-Field Simulation of 2D Subgrain Growth Khajezade, Ali; Poole, W. J. (Warren J.); Greenwood, Michael; Militzer, Matthias


The characteristics of subgrains in a deformed state after the high-temperature deformation of aluminum alloys control the subsequent recrystallization process and corresponding mechanical properties. In this study, systematic 2D phase-field simulations have been conducted to determine the role of deformed state parameters such as subgrain size and disorientation distributions on subgrain growth in an individual grain representing a single crystallographic orientation. The initial subgrain size and disorientation distributions have been varied by ±50%. To have a statistically relevant number of subgrains, large-scale simulations have been conducted using an in-house-developed phase-field code that takes advantage of distributed computing. The results of these simulations indicate that the growth of subgrains reaches a self-similar regime regardless of the initial subgrain structure. A narrower initial subgrain size distribution leads to faster growth rates, but it is the initial disorientation distribution that has a larger impact on the growth of subgrains. The results are discussed in terms of the evolution of the average diameter of subgrains and the average disorientation in the microstructure.

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