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The Assessment of the Maturity of Informatization in Assembly-Building Projects Utilizing the CMM-CME Methodology, Taking a Project in China as an Illustration Chen, Yongxia; Meng, Tianlong; Zhang, Zhichen; Xu, Binjie


Owing to its rapid advancement, information technology has emerged as a critical tool in assembly construction for addressing market demands, improving project quality, and reducing costs. However, the absence of unified informatization standards within the assembly construction industry has led to the adoption of different technologies and systems by various businesses during the development of informatization systems; this has generated issues such as unbalanced development and mutual incompatibility. While researchers have examined these issues, a comprehensive assessment of the maturity of informatization in assembly-building projects is lacking. Assessment of the maturity of informatization can provide evaluation standards and methods for the development of informatization of assembly buildings, explore the important and difficult points of applying informatization technology to assembly buildings, and put forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions to promote the benign development of informatization of assembly buildings. Therefore, this study strives to develop a model for assessing the maturity of informatization of assembly-building projects. This study begins by determining the level of the maturity level of informatization, key process areas, and key practices for assembly-building projects using the capability maturity model (CMM). On this basis, the maturity evaluation index system was constructed through expert interviews and questionnaires. Furthermore, in order to assign weights to the indicators comprehensively, the ordinal relationship method and entropy weight method were implemented. The evaluation criteria were determined by consulting the relevant literature and expert opinions. Followingly, an evaluation model was established based on the cloud matter element (CME) theory. Finally, a case study demonstrates that the methodology can be utilized to quantify the maturity of project informatization. In conclusion, this study unearths a system for assessing the level of maturity of informatization of assembly-building projects, which provides a valuable reference for promoting the continuous development of the maturity of informatization in assembly-building projects.

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