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A Comparative Study of Embedded Wall Displacements Using Small-Strain Hardening Soil Model Eilat, Tzuri; Mitelman, Amichai; McQuillan, Alison; Elmo, Davide


Traditional analysis of embedded earth-retaining walls relies on simplistic lateral earth pressure theory methods, which do not allow for direct computation of wall displacements. Contemporary numerical models rely on the Mohr–Coulomb model, which generally falls short of accurate wall displacement prediction. The advanced constitutive small-strain hardening soil model (SS-HSM), effectively captures complex nonlinear soil behavior. However, its application is currently limited, as SS-HSM requires multiple input parameters, rendering numerical modeling a challenging and time-consuming task. This study presents an extensive numerical investigation, where wall displacements from numerical models are compared to empirical findings from a large and reliable database. A novel automated computational scheme is created for model generation and advanced data analysis is undertaken for this objective. The main findings indicate that the SS-HSM can provide realistic predictions of wall displacements. Ultimately, a range of input parameters for the utilization of SS-HSM in earth-retaining wall analysis is established, providing a good starting point for engineers and researchers seeking to model more complex scenarios of embedded walls with the SS-HSM.

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