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Learning from Aotearoa : Water Governance Challenges and Debates Harris, Leila


Never having travelled to New Zealand (commonly called Aotearoa in Māori language), these islands in the southwestern Pacific have an outsized imprint on my understanding of current water governance debates. This is all the more so given current challenges, whether it be decolonizing and Indigenizing water governance, how to work at the complex intersections of multiple water laws and plural water imaginaries, or how to work more meaningfully at the interface between bottom-up and regulatory or management approaches. This volume, offering rich empirical analysis of various water governance challenges in Aotearoa again offers an outsized contribution to diverse fields of knowledge and ongoing debates. The contributors offer in-depth analysis of the empirical cases in the specific historical and geographical context of Aotearoa, but also do so in ways that do not shy away from the ‘big questions.’

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