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Advances in the Quality Improvement of Fruit Wines: A Review He, Lei; Yan, Yifan; Wu, Min; Ke, Leqin


Fruit wines have gained great interest in recent years due to the increasingly diverse demands of consumers for different fruit wines with different colors, flavors, and nutritional values. Some fruits such as blueberry and strawberry are perishable and have a short shelf life. The production of fruit wine reduces fruit losses after harvest and enhances fruit utilization. The production of fruit wine with premium quality is determined by both intrinsic (i.e., genetic background) and extrinsic factors (e.g., yeast and fermentation protocol). This article provides an updated overview on the strategies and technologies aiming to improve the quality of fruit wines. Recent progress in improving fruit wine quality by variety selection, post-harvest treatments, yeast selection, fermentation protocols, fermentation conditions, and aging technologies has been comprehensively reviewed.

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