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Validation of Machine Learning-Aided and Power Line Communication-Based Cable Monitoring Using Measurement Data Huo, Yinjia; Wang, Kevin; Lampe, Lutz; Victor Chung Ming, 1955-


The implementation of power line communications (PLC) in smart electricity grids provides us with exciting opportunities for real-time cable monitoring. In particular, effective fault classification and estimation methods employing machine learning (ML) models have been proposed in the recent past. Often, the research works presenting PLC for ML-aided cable diagnostics are based on the study of synthetically generated channel data. In this work, we validate ML-aided diagnostics by integrating measured channels. Specifically, we consider the concatenation of clustering as a data pre-processing procedure and principal component analysis (PCA)-based dimension reduction for cable anomaly detection. Clustering and PCA are trained with measurement data when the PLC network is working under healthy conditions. A possible cable anomaly is then identified from the analysis of the PCA reconstruction error for a test sample. For the numerical evaluation of our scheme, we apply an experimental setup in which we introduce degradations to power cables. Our results show that the proposed anomaly detector is able to identify a cable degradation with high detection accuracy and low false alarm rate.

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